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Tower Crane
  Indispensably equipment in building site. Easy to assemble and disassemble with a pin system.

  QTZ-100 tower crane is full using of grouping technology, composite design technology and finite element analysis technology,microcomputer with "tower crane platform" as the tool, the design of domestic newest design of lifting transportation machinery.
  This machine for horizontal jib frame, luffing mechanism, hydraulic jack-up cranes. Maximum lifting weight for 8t, Rated for 1000kN KN.M load moment.

  The characteristics:
  (1) performance parameters and technical indexes have reached the domestic leading, the international advanced level, the maximum working range 60 meters, increases the working space of the tower.
  (2) for the international popular form of the shape, the beauty is generous.
  (3) the machine adopts the new generation of high quality, high performance of tower cranes, electronic linkage work station.
  (4) various work type, widely application. Have basic mounted, wall attachment two way of working, suitable for various construction object,
Independent hoisting height 46 meters, when attached type can achieve 150 meters.
  (5) working speed, good performance, high speed, high efficiency, stable job.
There are three single speed motor and reducer, can achieve heavy load with low speed, light load with high speed, max. speed can reach maximum 70 m/min.
  Trolley luffing mechanism in horizontal arm traction trolley for luffing, has a good performance in load installation and right position.
  Slewing mechanism adopts the planet gear reducer, hydraulic coupling, high bearing capacity, smooth start, reliable working,with wind resistance function.
  (6) crane jib with rigid dual bars hang, good rigidity, light weight, small wind resistance, stress, beautiful appearance.
  (7) various safety device, can guarantee work safety and reliability.
  (8) the independent side view, good, to create a good operator working environment.
  (9) use convenient , easy maintenance.
  This crane was widely used in high-rise residential, hotel, industrial building etc. Large construction projects,is small and medium-sized construction enterprise ideal construction machinery.
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