Construction Hoisting: Material Handling, Electric winch, Windlass, Gantry Cranes, Pile driver, China

Fields Of Applications
1. Workshop & Yards 2. Container handling
3. Civil Engineering 4. Building Construction
5. Shipbuilding 6. Ming industry
Other sites where heavy materials need lifting and pulling
Making Light Work of Lifting Loads
While smooth workflows within the construction industry depend on the ability to precisely position loads just where they are needed, speed is equally important as time is a major cost factor in such operations. High-performance hoisting winches ensure that loading cranes can safely and dependably meet these demands even under extreme conditions. Two further good reasons for equipping loading cranes with hoisting winches are a boost in productivity and greater application versatility. Pingyang CH hoisting winches are a safe and reliable solution for goods handling, loading and unloading or installation applications, even in terrain that is difficult to reach. Pingyang CH 's comprehensive range of hoisting winches and useful accessories offers sophisticated solutions for the most diverse fields of application. The strong performance profile and innovative safety features of Pingyang CH hoisting winches have won the trust of international crane manufacturers and operators.