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Punching Pile Driver
Punching pile driver is a kind of important drill machine for cast-in-place pile construction. It’s composed of main winch, assistant winch, machine frame, hammer, slurry pump and control tank.
Punching pile driver suitable for drilling cast-in-place pile construction, it with obvious strongpoint especially on cobblestone and boulder stratum. The operational principle is that lifting hammer then free fall reduplicate punching, crack the earth and rock of hole inside or pile into wall of hole, or make residue suspend in slurry, then hollow muck out by silo or pile wimble.
In despite of punching pile driver construction simply and low speed, but compare with other construction way the construction expend of general calculation is the lowest. That’s why so many construction company choose punching pile driver. At the same time, around hole wall come into being one layer close-grained earth stratum for leveling off hole wall and improving pile load capacity.